Your Ticket To Roaring Flames Of Achievement

There is a spark or possibility within each of us, when fanned turns into roaring flames of achievement. What are you doing with your spark? Are you allowing it to whither and die or are you fanning it with positive influences. There are many other factors to consider when fanning your inner spark. The first of which is trusting yourself.

Trust yourself. Create the kind of self that you will be happy to live with all your life. Make the most of yourself by fanning the tiny, inner sparks of possibility into flames of achievement. –Foster C. McClellan

Do you trust yourself? Have you truly given yourself the chance to succeed? Most times we come up with this amazing insight or idea that will add value and change our lives. Then you end up shooting yourself in the foot before you even give yourself the opportunity to succeed.

Its really about keeping our agreements and the most important agreement to be kept is the one you make with yourself. How many times have you made that agreement with yourself at the beginning of the new year with all those exciting new years resolution and not followed through?

Some even throw in the towel the first week. Based on the statistics I found on … 75% of people keep their resolution for the week, 71% for two weeks, 64% for 1 month, 46% past 6months. Of that 46% only 8% are successful in actually achieving their new years resolution.

In other words, only 8% of people keep the agreement they made with themselves at the beginning of the year. Then you wonder why there so few people who are successful.

There is a spark of possibility in each and everyone of us. Are you fanning the that spark by feeding it with positive influences while taking action towards your goals.

Each and every person has the potential to be way more than you think you can be. Its all about the right environment like a seed will grow in the most fertile soil, so your spark will turn into roaring flames of achievement when surrounded by the most positive of influences.

Love Peace and Bliss


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