Your Installment Payments To Victory

Any major success in your life had to be taken out on installment. How consistent are you with your installment payments for victory? Just like any installment plan, if you are delinquent in your payments you get penalized.

The same applies in your journey towards your goals. Taking consistent action is like making installment payments on your success. If you stop taking action then you get penalized in the form of missed opportunities or lost momentum. Approaching your goals like a hobby probably won’t get you anywhere fast.

In any good installment program you can pay a little more or extra installments which will get you to success faster. If you and person B are filling the same tub, going after the same goal. Person B only holds the hose for 4 hours daily and you old the hose for 10 hours daily to fill the same size tub. Who is going to fill their tub faster, who is going to pick speed towards their victory?

Being motivated on its own probably won’t make you want to hold that hose for 10 hrs however persistence and discipline pick up the slack where ever motivation left off. Take daily consistent action towards your dreams. Make taking action a success habit and persist till something happens.

Love Peace and Bliss
Alecia Lawrence

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