Your Greatness The Cold Hard Facts

This story comes form Les Brown. Les Brown is one of the first motivational speakers I ever heard whose message changed my life and placed me on the path to believe anything is possible.

Here is the story… There was this man passing a house and a little old lady and a little old man were rocking in their rocking. They had a dog which gave an agonizing moan. The man thought, “What’s wrong with the dog?”

He walked pass the house on the second day and the little old man and woman were rocking and the dog was giving the same agonizing moan.

The man thought, If I pass this house tomorrow and the dog is still giving the same moan, I am going to ask the lady, “What’s wrong with the dog?”

The third day he passes the house and the lady is rocking in her rocking chair sipping on some lemonade. The little old man is rocking in his rocking chair and reading the news paper and the dog is giving the same excruciating moan.

So the man did as he promised himself. “He said, Mam… why is your dog moaning?”

She said, “Well honey, he’s lying on a nail.

And he said, “If he is lying on a nail and it hurts, why doesn’t he move?”

She replied. “Because baby, it hurts just enough for him to moan about it but, not enough for him to move yet.

What in your life right now represents your nail? Is it your house, Your car, a relationship, your job or your finances?

What is the nail in your life which keeps you up at night and has you complaining about how much pain it causes yet, you have done nothing to change your situation.

Why wait until the pain is unbearable before you make a change in your life? Do you have to wait until you are fired, go bankrupt, lose the house, have that relationship explode?

I am sure there is an ever growing list of things you could do however the question is are you willing to do them? You can redefine yourself until your life isn’t recognizable however are you willing to take that step?

Are you willing to courageously go where you have never gone before, do what you never thought possible, say what needs to be said so you can become the man or the woman you know you were always meant to be?

Until you are willing, you will always be living in the shadow of your greatness. Your greatness already exists and its pleading with you to step up and claim it. Love and embrace yourself like you never did before.

Look yourself in the eye in the mirror and say I love you just the way you are. I understand it might be tough to do in the beginning however it does get easier.

Are you willing to be unapologetic for your greatness? Its Time…

Re-purpose all those reasons for why you can’t stand in your greatness and use them as fuel to keep you going.

Love Peace and Bliss



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