Your Custom Fitted Brain Tip For Success

The magic of making you own life using this custom fitted brain tip requires you to have some understanding of the brain and the 4 stages of competence. I promise not to bore you to tears and make this as easy to absorb as possible.

Apparently there are 4 stages to competence

  1. Unconsciously Incompetent – You don’t understand or know how to do something and you don’t recognize it as a deficit in your life.
  2. Consciously Incompetent – You don’t know how to do something and recognize that you can do it.
  3. Consciously Competent – You understand and know how to do something however demonstrating the skill requires concentration.
  4. Unconsciously Competent – The skill has become second nature and you can do it on auto pilot.


We all really want to be hanging out and partying in stage 3 which is otherwise known as being hyper-aware. Being hyper-aware is about being extremely focused or conscious.

Unfortunately we spend 95% of our time in stage four being Unconsciously Competent and only 5% of our time in stage three being consciously competent.

Its challenging to be in stage 3 the majority of times however its where we are at out most productive. Stage three is where you are actually making your own life instead of unconsciously competently going through life. You can custom fit stage three of being competent in your life by choosing how much of your time will be used daily on being consciously competent.

There are two ways I use so far to ensure I spend as much time as possible partying in stage 3. The first is to commit a specific amount of my time for the day towards full on, flat out, leave me alone, turn off he phone, disturb me and you are dead focus session.

I find my sweet spot for my focus sessions before I get distracted is between 35 mins to 45 mins with a 10min break in between each session. I know if I want to have 4 hours of my day focused, I need to complete six 40min focus sessions.

During these focus session you are working on one task without distraction. You can learn more about focus sessions by visiting this site on the pomodoro technique. You can also access the free app I use on my computer to time my focus and break sessions here ate focus booster.

The second technique I use to spend as much time in stage 3 is called a ‘Daily Did Sheet’. You complete this sheet with everything you have done for the day, all the coffee and bathroom breaks, meetings, lunch, snack… everything. It really opens your eyes to how you unconsciously competently use your time daily. Being more aware of how you use your time will help you to plan to use your time wisely for the next day.

To get ahead of the game on your goals, targets or whatever you are creating, the best tip is to stay in stage 3 and make your own life by being consciously competent

Love Peace and Bliss


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