Your Attitude Decides The End Results

Everything you experience in life whether joyful or sad all boils done to your attitude. Are you choosing the right attitude to ensure the best end result when faced with those pesky little less than positive experiences?


Your attitude is not determined by circumstances,
but by how you respond to your circumstances.

You can respond positively or negatively to any

It’s how you react to events,  not the events themselves,
that determines your attitude.

Any challenge facing you is not as important as your attitude
towards it, for that will determine your success or failure.

Everything that happens around you just is. The most important thing is your response to whatever happens in your day and your life. There will always be ups and downs in life and the one thing you can control is your attitude.

I usually direct my day to have the essence of love, peace and bliss. I am not saying you should fake how you approach your day… Your standard responses have been a habit for many years and it will take focus and intent to manage your response to the less than positive events which you face daily.

One approach you can take is to look at these events from the eye of an observer. Ask questions like ‘What else can I change here?’ or ‘What can I learn from this experience?’ or ‘What else is required?’

This line of questioning keeps you open to the possibilities and puts you in a position to receive helpful insights which you would other miss when in the grips of a less than positive emotion.

Direct you day first thing in the morning, visualize you day as a success and choose you attitude. With all of these steps in place, you are well on the way to having a fantastic day.

Love Peace and Bliss


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