Why Laugh? The Good, The Bad, The Funny

What’s the one thing you can do to instantly put you in a feel good mood and give you a positive mindset? It can also temporarily take you away from whatever trials or challenge or obstacle you are facing in the moment.

Only laughter has the power to do that. Laughter is a very very powerful, simple, easy, free thing you can do to make you feel better instantly and it has a whole other other list of benefits such as stress relief, lower blood pressure and the release of feel good endorphins. 

Yet you don’t laugh very often. The average child laughs 400 times for the day while the average adult laughs only 15 times for the day. What happened between your childhood and adulthood to make a stop laughing?

More and more it seems as if you need a reason to laugh whether it be a joke or a movie or some comedy. The reality is to enjoy all the wonderful benefits laughter offers you don’t need a reason to laugh.

Just like a baby who laughs before they can speak… who laughs before they can understand complex language… who laugh for no reason. You too can enjoy the wonderful health, mind and social benefits by laughing without a reason.

If some one asks you what you are doing? Just let them know you are taking your medicine… your daily dose of happiness. My friends, I challenge you to laugh everyday and put yourself in the positive mindset which will allow you to set the tone for you to have a wonderful day.

Love Peace and Bliss
Alecia Lawrence

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