Why Doing Your Best Is A Powerful Life Rule

At some point in your journey of life you may have disconnected from the need to do your best. The reality is doing your best is one of the key rules behind creating success in your life.

Most people only do just enough not to get fired and are paid just enough not to quit. Doing just enough does not ensure job security while doing your best and more than expected definitely increases your chance of job security.

Gallup poll reveals that 50% of employees are doing just enough to get paid and only 30% show up to work excited, passionate and ready to make a difference. This leaves the playing field wide open for anyone who wants to experience great success in their field or career.

Successful people a willing to do what others are not willing to do. Doing your best is not restricted to only work and career. It can be applied to any are of your life like being the best parent you can be or the best spouse you can be or the best member of your community.

One of my daily motto is “Just for for today I will be better than I was yesterday”. That’s all you can truly expect of your self to be better than you were yesterday… to improve daily.

Doing your best does not require you to make a massive change…. it could be a series of little things you do very well in addition to what’s expected. Doing your best, having a fantastic work ethic is a key weapon in your arsenal of success.

Love Peace and Bliss
Alecia Lawrence

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