Who You Are Matters

Do you feel unappreciated by your family, friends, colleague… the world? It seems as if no one cares and is just caught up in their own world. The gift of appreciation is only shared on rare occasions. That is not the case with the Ribbon Ceremony where one woman (Helis) went on a mission to spread more love around the world one ribbon at a time.

Her mission has touched over 30 million people in 11 language. Its very simple, show some appreciation to someone for what they have done or simply for who they are. Her journey before this mission is both entertaining and inspiring. She showed the courage to start even though she wasn’t qualified.

She had the self confidence to make it happen which has spilled over into her mission and touched million of lives. My friend, who you are matters.

I am truly appreciative for you tuning into this message daily. I honor you for taking an interest in your self growth and for being a contribution to the world. All change starts from within and ripples out. I challenge you to find 1 person today and let them know you appreciate them, what they are doing and that they matter. Its time to start making a difference.

Love Peace and Bliss
Alecia Lawrence

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