Who Are You To Define Me

Have you allowed what is considered social norms to define what you can or can’t do, what your dreams can or can’t look like? One of my favorite R&B groups went to splits-ville and one person you would consider a very bright star most naturally became successful just by the multiple talents she wields.

She can write music, she can sing and she can produce music. While on the other side of town, the second part of the group is talented in her own right although is not consider as much of a mainstream talent as she is a poet.

When the group split, what do you think happened? Do you think she defined herself by what social norms says a poet should be or should not? Natalie did not allow the fact that she is a poet and cannot sing to stop her from releasing 2 R&B albums.

She took the definition of doing all that you can with what you have to another level because I’ve never seen a poet release musical album and if you ever heard of one please let me know.

So what dream did you have that you have allowed social norms to make the dream smaller or shrink it into a box that you don’t like? You my friend define your reality, you define your dreams… go out there and make it happen.

Love Peace and Bliss

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