Who Am I?

I am Alecia Lawrence. A powerful woman with humongous dreams. I have always believed one can achieve better in life and never comfortable with what people call the “status quo”.


Have you been living you’re life by the status quo? By what other people automatically assume your life should be like based on the type of family you are from… the type of education you have.

The status quo is there to limit us… To keep you where you are. I challenge you to create the life you desire outside the boundaries of the status quo.

status-quoYou are an amazing being. Think about it… You beat out thousands of sperms and made it to the egg. Say it on the top of your voice “I am a winner” on the count of three
“I am a WINNER”


Just getting into the egg makes you a winner. We are all winners. Why do we allow life to become a losing game?

I saw a video the other day with a guy who had no legs and no arms yet he climbed Mount Everest. His question was “What’s your excuse?”

So what is it? What are you allowing to stop you from having the life that you desire? What is you’re excuse why you can’t do it?
I choose to be unstoppable. Are you with me?

Love Peace and Bliss


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