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I had set a goal 18 months ago to transition from my day job into my own business by July 31, 2013 @ noon. I achieved this on June 29 @ 1:00pm. I took the first week off just to sit in the stillness and think. I was lead to this after hearing it three times, once on Sam Crowley’s Podcast and twice in Richard Branson’s book where one reference was to him personally spending time thinking and the other reference was to Bill Gates who requires his people to sit and think for 2 hours.

I am not talking about day dreaming, really thinking about whatever it is you want to solve. This can be viewed as engaged thinking of sorts. It’s nice to give the brain time to just mull things over. Yes I know you say you think all the time however it’s not the same as dedicated thinking time.

I can’t recall which great entrepreneur did this… they had a room with a table, a chair, a note pad and a pencil. The light switch for the room was on the table so he would turn the light off, think and when he had an idea, he would switch the light back on and write it down. Now that’s taking your thinking time seriously.

I must say the time spent thinking was really valuable. I got some valuable info about where to take ILTI Group and who will help us get there. When I talk about thinking time, I mean I was totally cut off from computers and phones for 5 days. No distractions, just me and my thoughts. One of the best decisions for ILTI came out of that thinking time. I acquired an amazing coach, Alex Jeffries and I am super excited for the upcoming months.

Why would I need a coach? Well one of the principles that Jack Canfield teaches is to get a coach. Whatever you want to succeed at in life find someone who has done what you want to do and have them coach you. It’s the fastest way to achieve success.

Sure you can figure it out on your own however you might get derailed several times, there is no accountability, you are out there figuring things out on your own and hoping to make the right decisions. I prefer the easier way of having a coach show me what to do and then I build on top of the foundation.

They other key component is an accountability partner. There is nothing that will scale your growth more than having an accountability partner. This is another one of those keys to success.

Your accountability partner cannot be a friend or family. It has to be someone who is almost a stranger to you. Why, you will try and get away with not following through with family and friends however it’s a different ball game with strangers.

So now I am set to scale and grow ILTI with the support of an accountability partner, my coach, a box of Kleenex, my meditation CD’s, a timer and a lifetime supply for coffee. How does it get any better than this?

Love Peace and Bliss

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