What Is The #1 Reason Why You Fail?

Everyday you see people around you failing at one thing or another.  It might be as big as going after a dream job or going after new car. It might be as little as giving up smoking or creating healthy habits.

Statistically its challenging for you to stick to your new years resolution.  In fact a large majority of people never experience any level of success with their new year’s resolution.

Why is that? What is the number one reason why people fail? Very simple, they give up too soon. Lots of time they give up when they’re really close to a milestone or successfully achieve their goal. All that’s required of you is to do everything possible to achieve success, never give up and do just one more thing. That’s it, just take one more action or take just one more step because success on a basic level is the sum of small parts.

Its key to surround yourself with the right people. When you surround yourself with quitters, it becomes very easy to quit. The key to your success is surround yourself with the right people, have faith and consistently do just one more thing until you have created your own personal firestorm of success

Love Peace and Bliss 
Alecia Lawrence

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