Very Risky Business

Achieving massive levels of success can be risky business. At the end of the day, taking a risk is often your first step toward success. You may or may not be like lots of people who do through life with a total aversion to taking a risk. However no super successful person has gotten where they are without a few dances with risk.

Immediately the story of Arnold Schwarzenegger comes to mind. He took the risk of going of going AWOL to go after his dream and set the wheels in motion to make him one of the highest paid male actors in Hollywood. His gamble paid off as he went AWOL, traveled 26 hours by train to participate in Mr Junior Europe competition in a burrowed pair of trunks.

He won the entire competition and credits that one deciding moment to take the risk as the blueprint for his entire life like when he wanted to go into the movies and when he wanted to be Governor. You can catch the entire show I did about Arnold “This Is Not Normal” here.

Some may call it a ‘calculated risk’ while others call it a ‘leap of faith’ or even view taking a risk as ‘stepping outside your comfort zone’. Whatever it is in whatever form you want to see taking a risk, the reality is taking that leap of faith will reveal unforeseen benefits and is a key component to your success.

Sometimes you take a risk and it doesn’t play out as planned. However you cannot underestimate the value gained from lessons learned which can be the springboard for your next success. Make up your mind to win in spite of a thousand defeats

Love Peace and Bliss
Alecia Lawrence

P.S. You can checkout the entire podcast with Arnold Schwarzenegger here.

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