Using Laser Like Focus To Change Your Life

In a world of short attention spans it’s a challenge to keep focused the average person focused. This makes it very challenging when you try to use the number one technique which is so important for you to achieve success. The Power of focus has been identified as responsible for many persons success. Only laser type focus seems to have that magical effect on how much one can achieve in life.

This is the same laser like focus being echoed in Michael Elliot’s life. He went after his dreams with pure discipline and focus to make it happen. I first heard Michael’s story while watching my my favorite program… Shark Tank.

Although Michael left the tank empty handed without the investment he wanted from the sharks… he did leave an amazing story from which I was able to identify real life lessons and insight on success.

Talk about going from zero to hero literally, Michael did it when he went from homeless to Hollywood. By listening to Michael story you’ll be able to easily see the power of having laser like focus and how it can help you to easily bring your dreams into your reality.

The other important lesson from Michael’s story is he believed his big crazy out there dream was possible for him. My friends, believe you can have the dreams you have always seen in your mind’s eye. You have the potential… you have the raw materials in you to make it happen just like Michael did.

Love Peace and Bliss
Alecia Lawrence

P.S. Check out this inspiring video where Michael takes you down memory lane… where it all started 14 years ago when he wrote his first screen play. My friends… whatever your dream…. its possible.




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‘Waiting to Exhale’ Sequel Screenwriter Michael Elliot Shares His Homeless to Hollywood Story


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