This Really Pushed My Buttons

There aren’t many things I allow to push my buttons however with this is one I am allowing an exception. What are you allowing to push your buttons, to light your fire, to give you the drive to fight everyday for success? If you want success, then something has to be pushing your buttons. Is it the driving need to […]

May The Force Be With You

There is a recognizable force that makes a different in your daily life. You can easily empty a room if you don’t have the force with you. What is the force? We are talking about being positive. Are you the type of person who people view as positive. I found proof based on research from the Mayo Clinic on the […]

what is motivation

Discover The Secret Of What Is Motivation

What is motivation may be one of your unanswered questions. How to get motivation? How to keep motivated? What to do if you have lost motivation? I am not talking about losing your mind, I am talking about when you have lost motivation. The Official definition of the word motivation by our friend Google is – A reason or reasons […]