Total Fluke Or Totally Possible

Dare to dream about the impossible. I challenge you to take it a step further and make your impossible dream possible… make it a reality.

Many of the super successful people you see in the papers or on TV or on the radio at some point or the other were told the massive level of success they dream of achieving is impossible.

Aren’t we glad they didn’t listen to the nay sayers because we would bot be enjoying some of the simple pleasures in life if they did.

Do you know your true potential?

Do you know how truly powerful you are?

Do you know what you can achieve?

In essence if you have identified what you can achieve then you have in effect put a limit on yourself. Some say ignorance is bliss and I say sometimes ignorance when it come to your success and achieving your goals is a success.

You are not going after your goals based off some else data and you are you biggest competition. The best example of ignorance is a blessing is the story of Cliff Young. You can check out the podcast I did on his story at “Beyond Ordinary Defying Common Sense”. 

Cliff Young entered this week long race running around Australia for one purpose only. He wanted to run. He was the oldest competitor. He never ran in a competition before. He didn’t have the right shoes or the right gear.

That didn’t stop him from his ultimate goal of running. Against all odds, he won the race one day ahead of everyone else. Why, because he didn’t know you were allowed to sleep during the race. so when all the other runners took the rest break to which they are entitled.

Cliff kept on running because his ignorance was a blessing. The best way to achieve massive levels of success is to operate without limits.

Love Peace and Bliss
Alecia Lawrence

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