many lies

You… and you know who you are are at times is your harshest critic. Sometimes you are not able to switch off those demeaning thoughts you bring up about yourself.

The trouble is when you repeat something often enough you eventually accept it as true for you. How many lies disguised as less than positive descriptions or thoughts about yourself have claimed as true.

Or maybe its something a friend or family constantly use to describe you and you have accepted it as true. The best way to handle this is to change the tape you have running on a loop in your mind. Seriously, it’s not doing you any favors or making you feel any better.

When that nasty voice comes up and tries to spew its filth. Acknowledge it and say thanks for sharing however I know for a fact that I am smart, beautiful or whatever the positive version of you new truth should be.

Love Peace and Bliss
Alecia Lawrence


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