Time To TakeThe Plunge

You may be looking at your life, experiencing fear, anxiety and insecurity about the future. Pause and take a look at your life as it is right now. Do you like what you see? The biggest kept secret is your life is actually working. It may not be what you want it to be but. you got yourself there with whatever you did. Yep, that’s the harsh truth.

What you are experiencing now in life right now are the results of your choices, the results of your consciousness. Are you satisfied with what you produced? Is this really what you want? Would you like for things to be better than this?

You may at some point think you can’t be a success or you just can’t see being a success happening for you. You may have seen the possibility of success for you and allowed someone to talk you out of it.

You tend to err on the side of the negative, defaulting to putt yourself down mode. Its time to guard you mind against negative information. The first and easiest step is to stop watching the news for two weeks and see how much better you feel.  There will definitely be less fear and anxiety.

Are you running scared, living a life of quiet desperation? Maybe that’s why you tune into this show because you want something different for yourself and you aren’t sure how to get there.

I am here for you. I am here to be a beacon of light showing you its possible. Helping you to see you already have all the raw materials to make it happen.

Why is it that some people don’t go after their dreams? Its possible on a subconscious level you may believe its impossible or you don’t deserve it. Lets just make one thing clear, you are worth it.

The real question is, have you been working on yourself? Honestly, how much time have you spent on your dream in the last 90 days? How many books have you read? In the last year, what new skill have you acquired? It boils down to what investment have you made in you? I will say it again, you are worth it thousands of times over.

Fear kills dreams. Fear kills hope. Fear paralyzes you. Its time to take the plunge and feel the fear and do it anyway. Look at yourself in the mirror, that person you see looking back at you is worth it. Are you willing to make a commitment to that person in the mirror?

Are you willing to do whatever it takes. Start encouraging yourself. Start by saying I can, I can make it happen. Take the plunge and go into action and you will be surprised how things come together.

Love Peace and Bliss



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