This Was Unexpected

This is a story of two men which really highlights the importance of changing the way you view yourself. Too many times you view yourself in a less than favorable light and are always quick to default to negative thoughts while finding it hard to accept any positive feedback that comes to your way.

This is the story of the first guy…

He was born in a poor neighborhood and is one of eight children. His father was a janitor who made an annual salary of $6000 and his mother cleaned other people’s houses. Their family got the majority of their food from a food stamp program and once a month he would accompany his father to collect their allotment of dried beans, canned meat, powdered milk and processed cheese.

Before he was 15 they had lived in eight different rental homes, some of which did not have indoor plumbing and they were forced to move from some of the houses because the city had condemned and declared these houses not fit for human habitation.

By age 12 he was a smoker and also had a hearing defect from birth which went undiagnosed for 17 years. This resulted in him not understanding or following instruction that earned him the label of being a a disciplinary problem.

In grade school he was such a major problem at home and in school that his parents wished he was dead. He was expelled from two different high schools and never graduated from high school. He left home at age 14 and joined a traveling carnival after which he joined a gang. To hide his insecurity he pretended to be a tough guy and got in as many fights as possible despite weighing in at 93 pounds.

He was rejected due to his hearing problem when he tried to enlist in the marines and landed lousy jobs like logging, laying sod, waiting tables and working at a roller skating rink. He was paralyzed from the waist down when he fell down the stairs drunk and was told he would never walk again. His goal in life was to work 12 hours a day at two poor paying jobs.

What are your immediate thoughts when you read this guys story? Some may think he is a lost cause, no good or a looser. Please entertain me while I share with your the story of another guy.

He is married to his high school sweetheart for over 31 years. He is a college graduate and a law school graduate who practiced law successfully for 5 years. He became an entrepreneur founding several businesses. With a start up loan of $13,000 he built a business which he started on his kitchen table and grew it into a company producing annual earnings of more than 180 million.

He revolutionized an entire industry with one of his companies and created over 10,000 jobs. One year his take home salary was 100 million and he pioneered new financial instruments used on wall street. He was ranked in Inc Magazine 4 years in a row as one of the fastest growing companies in America.

He was inducted in the hall of fame as National Entrepreneur of the year. He is listed as one of the top 100 entrepreneurs within the last 100 years and granted a permanent place in the Smithsonian Institute as a visionary. Harvard Business School wrote cares studies about him.

He and his wife lives in a $2 million home of 12, 000 square feet. He has a personal jet and secret service contingent. He donates millions to charity. He and his wife gifted 11 family members $100,000 each just to share their good fortune.

He has received many awards from Merrill-Lynch, NASDAQ, USA Today, Inc Magazine, Business Week Magazine, The U.S. Chamber of Commerce, The Association of Southern Governors and the Better Business Bureau.

Just looking at what the second guy has done, you would immediately think that he is a winner, a super star and have a wonderful life. Here is the difference between both guys. The first guy was a loser because he thought of himself as a loser and the second guy became a winner because he thought of himself as a winner.

What if I told you they were the same guy? Yep… guy number 1 and guy number 2 are the same person. His name is Bill Bartmann. That my friends is the power of changing the way you view yourself.

Love Peace and Bliss


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