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In order to achieve greatness, you would have to operate above the realms of normal. This was very evident as I grabbed lessons form the terminator Mr. Arnold Schwarzenegger himself. All I can say is wow, after watching the video about his determination and focus.

He was determined to get out of Austria. He didn’t know how he was going to do it. He just made a decision. One day he saw a magazine with a story about Reg Park who had won Mr. Universe and then starred in the movie Hercules.

Arnold red through the magazine and realized this is his whole plan set out right here. Arnold had found some one who has achieved what he dreamed to do and now Arnold had the exact steps he should follow. The key point is success leaves clues. You don’t have to reinvent the wheel to get where you want to be.

Body building wasn’t an accepted sport in Austria. He got mocked, was told to give up, stop dreaming. Even his father siad Arnold “This is an embarrassment for me”. His father got him into the military as a tank driver.

Arnold still fiercely held onto his dream to become the most muscular man in the world. He found a way to work out in the military which didn’t even have a gym. Yep, no gym equipment. Arnold said. “Here is the goal and whatever it takes to get there, I will do”

After a full day of training when everyone collapsed in bed, Arnold worked out for 3 hours every night. He woke up in the morning and did his sit ups, dips and chin ups. He became creative in figuring out equipment for his workouts.

People told him this is the wrong direction, he is in a dream world, that he was useless. Arnold knew he was going to break through that an no matter what it takes, he was going to reach that goal, that vision that he had of being a world champion.

He got an invitation to the Jr. Mr. Europe Championships. This was his opportunity to make a big splash. At the time, he was still in basic training.

While figuring out how he could get there he wondered why no one else can see his dream of winning Mr. Universe and going into the movies. He started to have doubts. Then he snapped out of it as he realized Reg Park did it, so its a possible.

He went AWOL and train hopped for 26 hours to make it to the competition the same afternoon he was up to compete. He had nothing and had to borrow trunks form someone so he could compete. He won the competition, a nobody from nowhere came and won the competition.

After the competition, he got caught sneaking back on base and was placed in solitary confinement. It was here he realized the key thing is to not take your eyes off the visual. He wasn’t about having a military career. He wanted more out of his life and he was doing whatever it takes to get it.

When everyone on the base realized that he won, his superiors were secretly thrilled however they knew he had to be punished for going AWOL. So they placed him in the kitchen to peel potatoes. On the other hand his level of discipline was used as an example on the base.

The welders made equipment for him. He had a portable gym in the tank he drove so he could workout at any time. In the beginning he was struggling on his own and now he felt like he had a team around him.

When he said he wanted to get into acting, they told him no and the listed all the reasons he can’t. When he said he was going to run for Governor, they gave him all the reasons he can’t.

What he reminds himself of is when he won the Jr. Mr. Europe Championships. He did not listen to the no. This is the blueprint Arnold used for the rest of his life, he didn’t listen to the no’s and he did whatever it takes

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