This Is Hurting Your Chances

There are many windows of opportunities surrounding us on a daily basis and you could be hurting you chances to capitalize on one of the windows of opportunity by doing this one thing.

You are looking through the window seeing everything you have ever wanted in life on the inside. The window sill is the perfect height for you to step through and capitalize on the opportunity.

The barrier to entry is not high and you know you can make it. What’s stopping you.. well you wouldn’t believe me if I told you the one thing stopping you is you.

You eliminate yourself from the chance to take advantage of the opportunity. You look behindĀ  and see 5 or 10 or 200 people who qualify for the same opportunity. You don’t take the step because you think someone else will get it so why bother.

There is no way you can win the race if you don’t run.

There is no way you can win the game if you don’t play

There is no way you can live your dreams if you don’t take action.

You never know what could happen to put you in the perfect position to take advantage of an opportunity. There is lots of power in showing up and I shared a couple of stories highlighting the power of showing up. In order to have the courage to succeed, you must have the courage to start and to persist.

Love Peace and Bliss
Alecia Lawrence

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