This Could Be Your Biggest Regret

Whats your biggest regret or do you suffer from regretasysis? Yep, I made up a new word (I think). We usually have more regrets as we get older and wiser. We usually have more regrets as we get older and wiser. I an sure you have heard the quote, “hind sight is 20/20” or something like that. We regret people, actions and choices from our past.

My focus on your biggest regret was inspired by Oprah sharing her biggest regret now that she has turned 60.

Biggest Regret

“I think the hardest part of aging really is recognizing the time that you wasted and the things that you worried about that really didn’t matter. That’s really the hardest part, that’s really the only regret that I have.” Oprah Winfrey

You may look back in regret on all the wasted time in your past and all the possibilities if you had used your time wisely. Actually, what type of life would be living today if you had used your time wisely.

You may share the same biggest regret as Oprah however, you must realize the past is locked up, throw away the keys, gone. There is nothing you can do to change the past.

What you can do and change is the future. Changing the future starts by making the best choices now.

Contrary to popular belief, its not too late. Its never too late and if you hold that belief then you are limiting the infinite possibilities that are available to you.

Spoiler Alert: You are limiting yourself when you think you can and when you think you can’t. To cover all angles I usually add ‘Or something Better‘ when I think about what I can do. Saying ‘Or something better‘ Let your mind kn ow there are infinite possibilities to achieving way more than you thought you could.

The awesome news is whatever you wanted to do in the past doesn’t have to look the way you wanted it to. Its cool for your goal or dream to look a bit different. Its OK for ideas and thoughts to change or as I like to say… evolve.

Leave your biggest regret in the past and all the other regrets as well and focus on what you can do now. You can’t effectively drive a car while looking in the rear view mirror. If you do, you end up missing out on amazing opportunities.

What Oprah loved about being 60 is being able to be free to be and do what you want.

Biggest Regret

“The absolute best part is being able to be free to be and do whatever you want. There’s nothing better than that, she explained. “You can be and do whatever you want to, thanks to exercise and hair color. Hair color — the greatest invention of all time for women. Thank you, Miss Clairol.” Oprah Winfrey

Why do we have to wait till we are older to be free to do whatever you want. You can start now. Yes I understand you may not want to be seen as a disappointment to your friends, family and loved ones.

Here is my beef. Your life is life a major motion picture and guess who is the star? Yep… That’s you my friend and sometimes you live your life like you are an extra on a movie set.OK, there is nothing wrong with taking advice from people. At the end of your day, you need to live your life and be free to do whatever you want.

Exercise Time… Get pen and paper. draw a huge T. on the left hand side of the page list all your objections on why you can’t be free. On the left hand side turn all those objections into opportunities. If for example your objection is I don’t have enough time. Then the opportunity is you will schedule time to do whatever it is you want to do.

Following through with this simple exercise of turning your obstacles into opportunities will put you well on the way to be free.

The ladies of The Talk brought up some very good points in the below video.

They had a bit of fun while really diving into what they believed is the hardest part about aging.

  • Sometimes there is that feeling of time wasted as you get older

  • The closer you get to the end of your life you see how precious moments are

  • Regrets are something that cannot be fixed. They focus on the past instead of the future. Unless you need to make amends to someone or make something right,  its a waste of time to focus on what you have done wrong.

  • You know your self better, you know whats precious in life, you see the good things in life much clearer

 Check out the video…

The Talk – Sheryl Underwood Spoofs Oprah’s Biggest Video

 You can check out the original video with Oprah Here

Love Peace and Bliss

P.S. Leave your biggest regret in the past, enjoy life’s precious moments and turn your objections into opportunities.









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