The Uncertainty Of Change, Can You Handle It?

Are you the type of person who handles change well or do you get all out of whack when your life gets turned upside down? I know…  most of you want things to remain the same. Pretty much saying “Thanks but No Thanks” to any major change.

Sorry to break it to you however, nothing stays the same. Its either increasing or declining. Personally I prefer to be on the side that’s increasing. When it comes to how you react to changing circumstances in your life, you can either be a victim or a victor.

I can hear you now… but Alecia, the government sucks or my boss is akin to a Drill Sargent or that person caused this change in my life. Here is the deal, there is no denying what happened however if you want to start experiencing the positive effect of any change, you have to embrace the first rule of success.

Take 100 responsibility of you outcome. Yep.. no blaming or complaining which by the way is victim speech.

There is nothing you can do about the change/event. It has already happened. You do control your response to the event which will determine your outcome.

 I shared a handful of my fave tips when it comes to managing change in your life. The top hot tip for me is become an agent of change. Honestly, most of the change in circumstances you experience in life at one point or another you had an insight or sensed it was coming.

Yet you took this wait and see approach when you could have done more to be prepared and lessen the impact by being an agent of change.

The bottom-line is you can either have things happen to you or you can make them happen. I will just let you in on a secret… successful people focus on making it happen. Which side do you want to be on?

Love Peace and Bliss
Alecia Lawrence

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