The Heroes And Villans Behind Cause And Effect 2

When you look at your life and all the less than positive results that pop up… What do you do? Do you go into ‘Villan’ mode complaining and blaming some else for you misfortune.

What are your first thoughts? Do you make excuses like ‘Its my bosses fault’, or ‘ The candy hypnotized me, unwrapped itself and flew into my mouth and before I knew it, it was gone’. or the cat ate my homework’. I am sure you have pulled the cat or dog ate my homework line.

Making excuses don’t put you in a space of power or control over what happens in your life. You are in essence giving your power away.


On the other hand, when you look at the less than positive results in your life… Are you reflective? Do you go into ‘Hero’ mode and ask the following questions?

What could I have done differently? How could I have handled this better? What can I learn from that experience?

A reflective thought patter puts you in a space of power, in a space of control over what happens in your life. More importantly, it puts you in a position to do things differently. Doing things differently is the key to getting different results.

Its not going to be easy all the time however, it will be rewarding when you get the results you have been working so hard towards.


Everything in life has opposites… Black/White, Up/Down, Left/Right. The same holds true for your life… Cause/Effect, Power/Weakness, Responsibility/Blaming.

I like being on the side of being the cause of what happens in my life, to stand in my power and go after my goals or targets. I am willing to take responsibility for everything that happens to me, no matter how hard it may be. Which side are you on?

Let me be clear this has nothing to do with aggression or being power hungry. This has to do with my life being the way I want it to be.

Its about taking responsibility plus the change doesn’t have to be dramatic. The change can be a series of small changes that all add up to the experience you want to have in life

Love Peace and Bliss


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2 thoughts on “The Heroes And Villans Behind Cause And Effect

  • Robert


    Great show! – You reminded me of when I was in High School and used the, Dog ate my homework.” excuse all the time. Good thing the teachers did not know I didn’t even have a dog. (-;

    • Alecia Lawrence Post author

      Thanks Robert… It incredible how quickly we get into the habit of making excuses and placing the blame outside of us. I remember watching YouTube video with this 3 year old child who used a marker to draw on her baby brother’s face. The parent recorded the interview and at 3 she was adamant it wasn’t her and the dog did it. I felt sorry for the dog… Where are we picking this up at such a tender age?