The Explosive Power Of Changing Your Zone

There is a well of explosive power just waiting at your fingertips when you change zone. Its all about stepping outside of your comfort zone. This is a challenge because you tend to be a creature of comfort.

Really, who wants to sit in a chair that hurts their back or dreams about wearing shoes that squeeze their toes? No one… Unfortunately this constant quest for comfort has spilled over into the journey to your goals or dreams.

Actually being in your comfort zone has more than spilled over… it has tarnished, sabotaged, blocked put a wench into your progress towards success. On the other hand, who really want to give up that cushy lifestyle to go into the unknown. People will think you have lost your mind.

The problem with your comfort zone is nothing remains the same. That cushy job will change as its influenced by the changes in the environment. As a result, your cushy now comfort zone will change into something unrecognizable because of new rules in the game.

You have a choice between fighting to keep your comfort zone the same our fighting to create a new reality when you step outside of your comfort zone. Either way, a fight is going to happen.

Let the fight be on your terms where you create the rules of engagement rather than have it forced upon you when something threatens your comfort zone. Become the agent of change, exercise your hidden talents and abilities when you step outside of your comfort zone to have what you really want in life.

Love Peace and Bliss
Alecia Lawrence

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