The Best Kept Secret in Having Big Achievements 4

Don’t you just wish you were in on the secret? Especially a secret about having more big achievements in your life.

You might be thinking,what’s wrong with me? Why are there so few big achievements in my life. Well this one thing can be a part of the equation to you creating your own big achievement.

High achievement always takes place in the
framework of high expectation.

You’ll always hit what you aim for in the
long run. So why not aim high?

Have the courage to follow your dreams.
It’s the first step towards attaining your destiny.

If you can dream it, you can do it. If you
don’t have a dream,
how are you going to
make it come true?

In order to succeed beyond your wildest
expectations, you need some wild expectations.


The real question is… Why not aim high? What have you got to loose?

I heard this first from Jack Canfield where he said it cost you the same amount of energy to dream a small dream as it does to dream a big dream.

It really doesn’t take anything off you to dream big and its a requirement to succeed beyond your wildest expectations.

Its time to set a BHAG (Big Hairy Audacious Goal). The type of goal you can only achieve by becoming a different person, a more successful person.

If you have heart palpitations just thinking about thinking of a wild expectation or a BHAG then you can try this on for size.

Break your BHAG down into a medium goal/milestone and a small goal/milestone. Its like have three levels to the same goal and you will grow as your goal grows.

Love Peace and Bliss


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4 thoughts on “The Best Kept Secret in Having Big Achievements

    • Alecia Lawrence Post author

      I love that and its something to think about… If you aim for the stars, you believe anything is possible and that is like you spring board to make it to the moon.

  • K. Lee Banks

    Hi – stopping by from the Facebook group! I’m really thinking this is something in the “air” – I’ve read several blogs where this idea seems to be a theme, and I’ve been going through this myself as well! We need to have big dreams, big goals, and plans to achieve them and then act on those plans!

    • Alecia Lawrence Post author

      It must be in the air because I just chose the topic at random. I love the synchronicity online when all our thoughts are aligned. Its just confirms its something which needs closer attention. It time to really set some big expectations 🙂