The Awesome Magical Results Of I Think I Can

I think you agree out of courtesy when I tell you anything is possible. When in fact it is true anything is possible for you. What limitations have you placed on yourself because you think you can’t when in fact you can. There is truth behind that childhood fairy tale with the little train going up the side of the mountain saying “I thinkĀ  can”, “I think I can”, “I think I can”.

You can be do have anything you want out of life. The only requirement to activate the magic is to actually believe you can. I challenge you to do a test. You can check out the instructions in the video below.


Think of something you can’t do. For example, playing the piano. OK… now say, “I can’t play the piano”, then test. Then say “I can play the piano”, then test. What you will find is you will test strong or yes for “I think I can”. Guess what? You will always get a yes for every thing you say you thing you can do.

Now you are probably thinking about all the things you have told yourself you can’t do. How different would your life look right now if you said I think I can to some of the goals you rejected because you matched them to your abilities and found yourself lacking. My friends, You can be do have anything you want. You only commitment is to believe you actually can.

Love Peace and Bliss

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