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The best story ever can be yours if your truly want it to be. You may look at other peoples lives and think that’s not possible for me. What if it is possible? What of you could write your own story?

When writing your story it cane be a phrase or a paragraph. Keep it to less than 2 pages, 1 page is actually better. The power of writing your own story takes the power of words to the next level.

The act of writing it down has planted a seed in your brain and gives your brain the mission of matching your reality to what you have on paper. I will share with you the various ways to go about writing your own story.

With all of these techniques you have to carve out some time from your busy day to write. This is time well spent investing in your future.


The first technique I learned is from Frank Kern, an amazing online marketer who made 27 million dollars in 1 hour. What??? I know…


He spoke about creating your ideal day.

Frank’s guideline is if you were told your day will stay exactly the same for the rest of your life, like a permanent ground hog day and money is not an issue. What would you do? Who would you want to have around you? What would your day look like?


Here is the video with Frank explaining how to go about writing your ideal day. Watch from 55:52 to 1:25:46 of this video. There is some colorful use of swear words in this video.

Armed with the answers to the above questions, you can now write out your entire ideal day in great detail.

You might need a couple of days to complete the exercise of writing your ideal day.

The second version of this exercise is to write your ideal day everyday for 30 days. Obviously, this version of your ideal day is more concise, and should fit on one page.

As you write your ideal day everyday you can tweak it until you get it perfect, until it feels good, until you read it and it just brings a smile to your face.

The 3rd way to go about writing your ideal day is based of a process by Dan S. Kennedy. With Dan’s version you develop a clear detailed picture of what your life would look like.


How would you live if you had that magic number for your monthly income. Would you have a second home, a big vacation twice a year, own a bed and breakfast? How would you use your time?

Once you have complete clarity of your ideal day then its time to reverse engineer for success :). While keeping your ideal day in mind look back and identify the obstacles you may face and look for ways to remove them.

Then construct a yearly, monthly and weekly plan with targets and benchmarks. Do a litmus test by asking if your current choices are moving you towards your ideal day based on your plan and targets.

Personally I like writing out and tweaking my ideal day everyday for 30 days. I do this using pen and paper because it ingrains the ideas of your ideal day better in your brain.


As a result of this activity I found I am much more focused in my daily activity towards my goals, my dreams or whatever I am creating.

I took it to another level my using a voice recorder to record my ideal day. I really got myself in the mood and got really excited before starting the recording. In addition to the writing out of my ideal day I also listened to the recording constantly.

What’s the benefit of doing all of this? Well Frank Kern found what he wrote 2 to 3 years later and realized he was living his ideal day. What have you got to lose when writing out your ideal day?

Love Peace and Bliss


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    Frank Kern teaches you how to use each of these and weave them together to build
    a truly ADDICTIVE character. You have to live where there are no other road users.
    He has also appeared in USA Today, The Wall Street Journal and several hundred
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