Tap Into The Explosive Power Of Focus

Focus is one of the main ingredients in the tasty soup of success. You may have even heard the popular phrase “What you focus on expands”. I use said phrase very often as well. However, I have never thought of focus beyond the big glaringly obvious stuff which often arrests your attention.

Things like going to a job you hate or the bills piling up or living pay check to pay check or the major obstacles you face in life which are blocking you from the life of your dreams. Those are the things I have encouraged people not to focus on over the years.

Then it hits me… what about the little things in life when the glaringly obvious stuff has not taken center stage. For whatever reason you tend to focus on what’s missing or what you don’t have in life. This happens so often that its accepted as normal conversation.

If chatting with your friends about whats missing in your life is normal… then you know what you are focusing one. Its good advice when they say don’t sweat the small stuff. Take the power of focus a step further and focus on the little things which are going well in life.

Most importantly, focus on the things that are right about you and use that as the foundation to grow, take advantage of your potential, use your talents, step into your greatness and live your best life.

Love Peace and Bliss
Alecia Lawrence

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