Taking The Sting Out Of Finding Your Passion! 1

What is the sting in finding your passion?


There are times when you go through the different stages of finding your passion. The important thing is to get to the sweet honey when you are nurturing and living your passion. Otherwise you spend your time pulling the stings out when you ignore your passion in life.

I found this video by the Australian Poet Camerom Semens who covers this in his funny little poem Dreams Are Winged Stinged Things.


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One thought on “Taking The Sting Out Of Finding Your Passion!

  • Nikki S.

    I love this video! The imagery he creates is brilliant and so true. The periods of my life in which I have suppressed my passion for other “more sensible” pursuits have been amongst the most painful. I am commited to living into my passion now and experiencing the yummy honey!!!