Taking Advantage Of An Opportunity

Are you in the perfect position to take advantage of an opportunity when it comes to your dreams or your goals? Do you see an opportunity and then have the thought “If only I had… or If only I did… I could take advantage of this opportunity”.

Its important to be prepared for your dreams. Think of it like taking care of a garden. You can’t expect to plant seeds for you to have beautiful healthy flowers unless the soil is prepared, you ensure there is enough water and sunlight. I don’t by any means claim to have any amazing gardening skills however I am sure you are getting the idea.

What do you need to happen to prep the soil of your life to grow your dreams. Do you need to have a specific certification? Do you need to join an association? Do you need to find a mentor? Do you need to surround yourself with people who have achieved your dream?

Do you need to read a book, attend a seminar or do an online course. I shared a story about Les Brown being prepared to take advantage of an opportunity which gives insights to a determined mind going after his dream.

Love Peace and Bliss

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