Success Leaves Clues

Hidden Meassages In The Life Of An Ant

Usually we don’t pay attention to Ants. In this episode we will take a look at the life lessons we can learn from the life of an ant. This philosophy is near and dear to my heart and the standard my which I have lived my life since I first heard this philosophy. Love Peace and Bliss       […]

Don’t Take It Personally 4

Sometimes people make comments and they hurt your feelings. I can understand especially when its from someone who you respect and care about. When it comes to criticism you have to examine the source. Today I had to put my work out on the table for review by my coach. I had recently written a sales letter for the product […]

Power From Within: You are never too old! 12

Have you ever looked at an activity or challenge and thought to yourself; ā€œIā€™m too old/ not experienced enough/ not skilled enough (etc.) to do that!ā€? We all go through periods of doubt in our own abilities, but it is those who are able to overcome those doubts and harness the power from within that we all carry that are […]

Is Success Playing Hide And Go Seek With You?

There are many reasons why one person succeeds over another. This has been nicely put together in the below article by Gregg Ferro. This interestingly enough came from British Novelist Amelia E. Barr in 1901. Nope… I didn’t mistype. We are talking over 112 years ago and the same information stands true. The secret to success has been the same […]