Rules For Success

Your Life Could Have A Different Outcome With This 1 Step

At times you feel like your life sucks and you yearn for things to look different… for a different outcome and are not sure how to get there. The outcome you wake up to every day is a result of what you repeatedly do.

How Is This Suppose To Help Me

You spend so much time looking for solutions to your challenges, trials and various situations. Sometimes you feel backed into a corner, like there is no other option. In this episode I share a process you can use to open

Fun 101 Purple, Christmas And Relaxation

In this episode I share how to increase that element of fun and happiness in the workplace. How a simple act can make or break someones day and what you can do to start making your place of work more

This Could Be Killing Your Happiness 2

You actually might be doing one thing that could be killing your happiness. In this episode you will learn how to be more happy. Your friends and family may get jealous that thy can’t be as happy as you, or end up beating down your door for advice on how the heck you are being so happy. Either way, you […]

Interveiw With Izzy The Ninja

I had the awesome opportunity to interview Izzy from the 30yearoldninja. Really, how many people can say they interviewed a ninja. We all have dreams and at times find ourselves on a road we don’t like. Do you make a U-turn and follow your dreams or do you continue on the same miserable path. Izzy and I have a in-depth […]