Tactics To Slaughter Disappointment

Prepare for disappointment… What? This is the success tip given by one of my fave inspirational leaders out there. As much as I love Grant Cardone, I had to disagree. How about a different perspective that has you eradicating disappointment from your life.

Yep it sounds good however, lets really take a look at the word disappointment. According to Google, Disappointment is sadness or displeasure caused by the non fulfillment of one’s hopes and expectations.

Most of the definitions of the word disappointment had one thing in common… the word expectations. OK, lets continue down the rabbit hole and look up the word expectations.

According to Google, expectation is a strong belief that something will happen or be the case. Other words similar in meaning are prediction, forecast, reckoning and assumption

If you expectation is similar to a forecast. Its like predicting what will happen with the weather. The weather man/woman is never 100% spot on with their forecast.

We have control over what we do now which will provide the results we desire in the future. Here is how to avoid disappointment… Don’t believe in your goals. I know, some of you are reading this now and thinking I have gone off my rockers.

I assure you I am totally sane when I say don’t believe in your goals. Instead, feel them as complete, as if you have them in the now. Feel your goal as if it has already happened.

Why focus on the feeling? Sometimes you get caught up in the end results, the expectation and when it doesn’t work out you get disappointed. You are really limiting yourself when you focus on what the end looks like.

Focus on the feeling instead… the joy, happiness, pride and sense of achievement. There is no way you can feel disappointment if you feel like you already have achieve your goal.

Love Peace and Bliss


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