Success Secrets By Steve Harvey

I am a big fan of Steve Harvey and due to me giving up TV again, I don’t get to watch him as much and only watch motivational messages on YouTube. Its about keeping yourself in that peak mindset for success. I came across this video of Steve Harvey sharing the secret to success and knew I had to bring the message to you.

“If you want to be successful, here is the thing you have to do. You have to jump, there is no way around it you have to jump.”–Steve Harvey.

When you see successful people and you wonder how they got there? Guess what? They jumped. Its about taking that leap of faith off the cliff of life.

While you are up there, make that leap as big as you can. Sometimes you find yourself up there on the cliff of life hemming and hawing on whether you should jump or not and you see people  soaring by like birds in the air with a smooth glide.

You see them go to the south of France or they are always going on family vacations. Like my coach took his family to Thailand for 3 weeks and two weeks ago he surprised his wife with a car, not just any car but a 2015 BMW for her birthday.

You see these people on a yacht or dressing up in nice clothes. They are jet setting around the world to New York then you blink and they are in London. You watch them flying by thinking how did they get so lucky, what did they do differently or simply why?

Its because their parachute opened. If you want your parachute to be open so you too can soar… there is no avoiding it you have to jump. After you jump you will have several assurances.

This is probably what you don’t want to hear but your parachute won’t open right away and that’s all because of fear. You can expect to hit the sides, the rocks or rip your back out on the cliffs. You can count on having some wounds, tears and cuts. Eventually after sometime, just like magic your parachute will open so you too can soar.

Its just like when you are moving from a place of know to unknown. Or like when you are looking at a major opportunity in life which you know will make life better however you have to experience some amount of discomfort before you get to the good stuff.

You have to make some sacrifices, work long hours, sleep less and push twice as hard as the other person so you too can soar.

If you don’t take that leap of faith, you can count on remaining safe and sound in the space you already know. You actually won’t give your parachute a chance to open. The problem with that is although you are safe, you will never soar. So you gotta jump… bottom line, you gotta take that leap of faith.

Love Peace and Bliss



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