Success Blueprint

Handling Life When It Hits You In The Face

Its definitely no fun when life hits you in the face. However, life does not discriminate whenever its going to hit. While handling life’s hits, challenges, trials or struggles… you may put on a happy face at work or at school like everything is OK. Its a completely different story when you get home and you are lying in bed […]

Who Are You To Define Me

Have you allowed what is considered social norms to define what you can or can’t do, what your dreams can or can’t look like? One of my favorite R&B groups went to splits-ville and one person you would consider a very bright star most naturally became successful just by the multiple talents she wields. She can write music, she can […]

What Is The Price Of Success

I know some of you have not even considered the idea of success having a price. The reality is there is a price for achieving any level of success in your life. The real question is, are you willing to pay? Are you willing to pay the toll to ride on the highway of success? It may be as simple […]

Taking Advantage Of An Opportunity

Are you in the perfect position to take advantage of an opportunity when it comes to your dreams or your goals? Do you see an opportunity and then have the thought “If only I had… or If only I did… I could take advantage of this opportunity”. Its important to be prepared for your dreams. Think of it like taking […]

I Did Not Want To Do This Today

You know you must do it… you must take one specific action which will bring you so much closer to your dreams or your goals and you are totally not feeling it. What should you do? Does it really matter if you miss one day? If you are seriously considering skipping out on taking action towards your goals, then you […]