Stuck Between Trouble And Problems

You may feel stuck between trouble and problems with all the difficulty you face in everyday life. However, every single difficulty has a hidden gem in the form of opportunity and its up to you to you to find the gem, to find the opportunity. I understand it can be a challenge at times however its worth the effort.


You can not have success without dealing with problems. 

Look for your opportunity in every difficulty instead of being
paralyzed at the thought of difficulty in every opportunity. 

Each new experience brings with it the seed of your success.
Even your current difficulties have within them opportunity. 

Welcome your problems as opportunities. Each moment is your
greatest challenge and the best thing that ever happened to you. 

The more difficult your problem, the greater the
challenge in working it out. 

When it’s dark enough, you can see the stars.


Welcome your problems as an opportunity. There is the chance to gain new insights, learn something new, change something or make improvements. With that kind of approach to your problems, your life has only one choice and that’s to get better.

As a matter of fact, go after your problems with enthusiasm. I remember working in the office, we had a Xerox printer we called Big Daddy. It was viewed as a major problem, with all the issues it had printing.

I really enjoyed working out the problems with the printer. I would be on the phone with customer service trouble shooting. I knew the printer inside out. The only thing out of my scope was software issues and replacing parts.

Once I had returned from vacation and for over 2 weeks prior to my arrival, I was told Big Daddy was out of commission. I smiled to myself because I knew people didn’t take the opportunity to know Big Daddy any further than refilling the paper tray.

Its the same deal with any difficulty you face. Have you looked at it from every angle to find the opportunity, to find its hidden gem?

Its time to move from the paralysis one faces when presented with the difficulty one might encounter within an opportunity. You have the potential to rise above anything life throws your way and that’s called resilience.

Look at how hard it is to get rid of a weed and if the area is left unmaintained for a long period of time, the weed pops back up again. You have the same potential, just tap into it and use it to move you forward to your best life.

Love Peace and Bliss


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