Standoff Between Me & The Alarm Clock

This morning, the lure of 10mins more sleep was like a siren song in my brain. My finger hovered between the dismiss button and the snooze button.

The dismiss button won and I gave myself no time to lie down and ponder my decision. I sprang up and started my day… why? That’s a very good question because when you are creating change in your life towards a particular goal or target, knowing why is crucial.

The power of synchronicity kicked in and while I was watching my daily motivational video, it mentioned the the snooze button and the power to resist its lure.

It focused on you knowing your motive and only your motive can keep you company when your journey to success seems lonely.

What is your why and is it big enough for you to ignore the snooze button and kick start your day?

Love Peace and Bliss


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