So Dynamite It Blew My Mind

This literally may be the most important thing you ever hear. It’s a challenge to change and its worth it.The simplicity and power packed into this simple mind power technique is amazing.


Whatever thoughts you plant in your subconscious
mind and nourish every day with conviction and
emotion will one day become a reality. 

Constant repetition carries conviction.  Repeat something
often enough and it will start to become you.

A change in what you tell yourself will result in a change in
your behavior.  What you impress upon your mind,
you’ll inevitably become.

Self suggestion makes you master of yourself.


What are you constantly saying to yourself? Are you using positive, motivating and encouraging words?

No matter what you feed your mind, you will at the end of the day see results.

Really take some time and look at your life.  Do you like what you see? There is no easy way to break this to you however, it all starts from your mind.

Reprogram your mind with positive affirmations. Your reality is a reflection of what’s happening inside you.

Repeat something often enough and it will start to become you.

I have shared the story of Dr. John Demartini. He was diagnosed with a learning disability at age 7. He couldn’t read our retain anything.  He barely learned to read at age 17.

Dr. Paul Bragg said to Dr. Demartini, If you say this every single day without missing a day and when every single cell in your body gets it, so will the world.

As a result, Dr. Demartini filed up 24hrs of his day with statements and he didn’t give himself a moment to allow his mind to idle.

Here are a few of the power daily sides statements Dr. Demartini used to change his life. I am a genius and I apply my wisdom.  I do what I love I love what I do.  I am a master reader and whatever I read,  I retain.

The results, he earned hours GED, a Bs. in Biology and Biochemistry then he went on to become a doctor.  He as since lead d seminars on life mastery and written many books.

What daily success statement can you use a a mantra to change your life today?

Love Peace and Bliss


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