Smart Goals For It

A Up Close And Personal Look At Procrastination

Procrastination has so many layers and another one was revealed to me recently. Contrary to me believing procrastination is a delay mechanism used to satisfy my inner perfectionist… I learned procrastination is also the manifestation of resistance. Resistance can be seen as a lying, cheating, sneaky, no good, son of a gun who whispers sweet nothings in your ears to […]

Your Life Could Have A Different Outcome With This 1 Step

At times you feel like your life sucks and you yearn for things to look different… for a different outcome and are not sure how to get there. The outcome you wake up to every day is a result of what you repeatedly do.

Super Hot Tip On Making It Happen Gauranteed

The more you try to make things happen in your life, the farther away the your goal seems to be. What if you had access to a super hot guarantee to making things happen in your life as fast and as slow as you would like. Its all about taking action, daily consistent action. A Mountain Is Climbed One Step […]

Quicker Way To Success

Follow The Path Of Others A Quicker Way To Success

Have you ever wondered about a quicker way to success. The secret is to ‘Follow The Path Of Others’. Follow The Path Of Others To Success You can learn from other people to make up for your lack of experience in any area of life.  Be open and receptive

obliterating obstacles

The Keys To Obliterating Obstacles To Your Dreams

An Amazing Story with key insights on obliterating obstacles. Yes, that may be a bold statement however, this is a reality that can be true for you. What are you allowing to stop you from creating the life of your dreams? What are you allowing to stop you from obliterating obstacles? I use the word allow because it really is […]