Smart Goals For It

Are You Lying To Yourself

Lots of time is spent lying to yourself about what you truly want from life because you have labeled it as impossible or you have no idea about the how, what and where. Even worse, you compromise , settleĀ  or talk yourself out of what you really want. The truth is you don’t have what you want in life because […]

Honest Loophole To Having Your Burning Desire

What is your burning desire? What is that one thing your really want out of life? There is a loophole which will drop your burning desire into your lap faster than a hot potato. The only requirement is that your are up and ready to play ball. Its all about directing your energy, being completely and fully engaged in accomplishing […]

Getting Nowhere With Your Dreams

There are times when you take action towards your goals, targets or dreams and feel like you are getting nowhere. I understand you challenging it maybe to keep you head above water while dragging yourself through the quick sand of disappointment. I have been there and I have come up with a series of question to help put you in […]

Crazy Secret To Increasing Salary 10 Times 2

There is lots of power behind putting your dreams down in writing. Seriously, it could result in you earning 10 times the salary. Why wouldn’t you want to write your goals down just to increase your earning potential and create a better life for you and your family. Bottom line, successful people have goals with a plan and I will […]

Is This Why Your Are Losing

Its best to be prepared for an opportunity than not to be prepared and the opportunity shows up and you are not ready. How many opportunities have you missed out on because you are not ready? Where would your life be right now if you had been prepared? Doesn’t that get you just a little mad? Mad enough that you […]