Serious Disappointment

Today was a very challenging day as I had to face the fact and discontinue a special project. Its tough when you have time, energy and money invested into a project which doesn’t work out as planned.

This will lead you down to the path of serious disappointment. There are a couple of ways to handle disappointment. The first way is taught by Grant Cardone. He says the best way to handle disappointment is to have so much going on you don’t have time for disappointment.

I can completely relate to what Grant says. As despite felling the pull to drop everything, curl up in my bed and mope around… I couldn’t because I had so many things going on.

I can understand how challenging it can be to face the facts and make a decision that can lead to disappointment. The second way to handle disappointment comes from Barbara Corcoran.

She says her top real estate agent does one thing which is responsible for this massive success… they bounce back quickly from disappointment. They spend as little time as possible feeling sorry for themselves.

Sure I had a pity party today for one while listening to some soothing meditative music. The difference is, my pity party had a time limit of ten mins. If you need to mope around, make it limited to a specific time. Being worried or disappointed doesn’t put you in a productive state of mind and pushes you further and further away from your goals.

Love Peace and Bliss
Alecia Lawrence


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