Quick And Easy Tip To A Better Life

Imagine if you could use this one tip to automatically increase the quality of your life and the best thing is… it doesn’t cost a cent. This technique is one of the most under utilized success techniques which we essentially all crave on a deeper human level.

Its call appreciation. Lets take a journey back to a time when someone genuinely told you how much they appreciated you. Did it fell good? I am sure it did… so why aren’t we dishing out appreciation in bucket loads.

OK then, look at it this way, do you feel compelled to voluntarily help out someone who doesn’t show you appreciation? No you don’t and when you do… it feels like a chore, it doesn’t come from your heart.

Keep in mind, the same size door you give through is the same size door you receive through. If you have a lack of anything in your life, look at how much you are giving away.

If you want more hugs, give more hugs.

If you want more love, give more love.

If you want more appreciation give more appreciation.

As I said before, this is one of the most under utilized success principle. When you focus on appreciation what are you really focusing on? You are really being grateful for what the person has done for you or how they have impacted you for being who they are.

In essence you are appreciative for what you received from them. When you show appreciation to someone you are in fact putting yourself in an abundance mindset. On the scale of emotions, appreciation or gratitude actually ranks higher than love.

When you feel unappreciated, you are focusing on what you lack in you life. As a result, you can program yourself with an abundance mindset by showing more appreciation.

I shared a story of a married couple and the power of appreciation on their relationships. You check out the story here: Thanks for the Flowers.

Jack Canfield also talks about a success principle called Show Uncommon Appreciation.  This blog post from Jack’s site also gives you more information on the power of appreciation and why you should put it in practice more. See the blog post here: Practice Uncommon Appreciation.

I challenge you to go out there and let a minimum of one person daily know how much you appreciate them and what they do. You will be surprised on the impact showing appreciation will have on your life.

Love Peace and Bliss
Alecia Lawrence

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