Protect Your Space

It seems the norm in society for people to complain. They complain about everything, even the free coffee in the break room at work.

For heavens sake its free and if you want something better buy your own. Anyhow… a complaint is a reference point for something better.

Funny enough, people don’t complain about things they cannot change. When was the last time you heard someone complain about gravity?

I was having a conversation with a colleague and they started complaining about a new piece of software from head office saying its useless and they are spending more time trying to make it work than on the rest of their job. After about a minute of this which is all I could stand. I would say the complaint went 59 seconds too long.

I stopped the person in the middle of their rant and said “With all the love and respect I have for you from the bottom of my heart, I respectfully ask you not to tell me any more. If you don’t have anything positive to say then I can’t in honesty continue with this conversation.” Needless to say he was shocked…. Its all about protecting my space.

My comment as respectful as it was sort of put a damper on the conversation which quickly ended. The surprising thing is he sought me out later and pulled me aside.

He said… “Thanks for doing that, you are absolutely right. I need to be more positive.” I was surprised I at his response. It just affirms we have to be the bigger person and stand up for our space.

Love Peace and Bliss

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