Gotta Have A Cup Of Motivation

Why Wishing For Success Is A Rip Off

I know you may have lost faith over the many years you have tried so many different things to bring what you deeply desire into your life. When I say you can have what you deeply desire… you are depressed because you failed so many times at bringing it into your reality. My thought is… “Did you really deeply desire […]

What Is The Price Of Success

I know some of you have not even considered the idea of success having a price. The reality is there is a price for achieving any level of success in your life. The real question is, are you willing to pay? Are you willing to pay the toll to ride on the highway of success? It may be as simple […]

Hidden Dark Secret Of Achievement

Have you ever entertained the thought of having great success or bringing a life long dream into your reality? When it comes to large goals, there is a dark secret which most people down play. Success on a large scale requires work and lots of it. You have to do play by play… lay brick by brick to make it […]

Behind The Scenes Truth On Crappy Situations

Its almost impossible to completely avoid the crappy situations you may come across in life. They just seem to pop up out of no where. What if someone offered you behind the scenes access to the real truth about crappy situations? Would you take it? In essence there is a silver lining behind every cloud. In every failure or obstacle […]

A Kick Butt Way To Conquer Fear

This is a new perspective on conquering fear and one I have never really considered. However the more I look at it and my past experiences, the more I can see the truth lying within. What if the root of all fear can be linked to a lack of understanding? It can be unsettling facing your fears. Most times your […]