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Right this minute you may be experiencing some frustration at not gaining the momentum you want towards achieving your goals, your target or whatever you are creating.

I have been through the same thing at various points in my life and wondered about a solution. Although the solution may not be something you naturally gravitate however, its something super successful people do. The bottom line is, if you want to above normal success in your life, you have to take an above normal approach.


Success is the sum of small efforts, repeated day in
and day out.

Many people take the first step and then stop.
Yet, with every additional step you take, you enhance
immensely the value of your first step.

All masters of success are chiefly distinguished by their
power of adding a second, a third, and perhaps a
forth step in a continuous line.

There is no royal road to anything. One thing at a time,
all things in succession is the rule of life. That which
grows fast, withers as rapidly. That which grows
slowly, endures.

Do not despise the bottom rings in your ascent
to greatness.

This is a great reminder of success being a sum of small efforts repeated day in and day out. The focus here is the consistency in taking action today’s your goals… its doesn’t speak of taking action when you feel like it, when the time is perfect, when the mood is right.

The key to success is taking action day in and day out. Take a look at your goals, your target or whatever you are creating and ask the question, ‘Am I taking action daily?’.

successDan S. Kennedy is a best selling author multiple times and has a slew of books on the market. He credits his success to making the commitment to writing daily, regardless of what he has going on, regardless of whether he wanted to or not.

He even wrote on the morning of his mother’s funeral, not because he wanted to but because he knew if he could write on this day, he could write on any day.

Richard Branson also says something similar as the key to his success. He does work when he doesn’t feel like it.

One of the hardest thing to do is to start. Once you have mastered starting whatever needs to be done especially if you don’t feel like it, is to commit to doing this one task for ten min.

When the 10 min is up… check in and see if you can do another 10 mins and continue this cycle and before you know it you may have done 4 hours or just 30 min. The key is you have taken action.

The power behind taking action day in and day out is the compounded effect on your success from the cumulative sum of all you daily efforts. One of the things which may be holding you back from taking daily action is instant gratification.


We live in a world where everything is geared towards instant gratification. Imagine how much stronger and longer lasting your gratification will be if you achieved your goal, that target.

Achieving your target or goals puts you on a high  and gives you momentum to achieve more. Why give in to instant gratification which takes you away from taking daily action towards a goal which is not achieved will make you feel distressed?

Successful people are willing to take several steps and not stopping until they have achieved their goals. Its like an endurance race…. persistence and consistency are rewarded with success.


You are your biggest competition. What can you do today that will make you better than you were yesterday?

There are simple things you can do towards taking action towards your goal daily such as reading a book related to the topic or researching information. This in itself helps to keep you informed and keeps your goal or target at the forefront of your mind.

Love Peace and Bliss


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4 thoughts on “Pack Up And Leave Frustration Behind

  • Allie D

    Thank you for that. Very inspiring. I liked “Successful people are willing to take several steps and not stopping until they have achieved their goals.”

    • Alecia Lawrence Post author

      Thanks Allie… You comment reminds of something I learned from T. Harv Eker trainings. Those who finish get rewarded. Too many times you may set out on an exciting goal or idea and never finish as a result never get the reward and then are lead to believe nothing you are doing works, when you never gave it a fair chance to work in the first place.

  • april

    “You are your biggest competition.” such true words, alecia. thank you for your motivating words to help pick up the momentum and bypass frustration.

    • Alecia Lawrence Post author

      Thanks April, The focus must be on your own journey and what you are doing to ensure you are better today than you were yesterday. That’s definitely one way to kick frustration in the butt:)