One Insane Crazy Dream

Do you know how powerful you are? Sean Combs or P Diddy or Puff Daddy gave a commencement speech at Howard University. He encouraged the graduates to take the craziest dream you ever had and go and make it a reality.

No more dreaming, Just go do it.

Dr. P Diddy had a crazy dream of running the NYC Marathon in 2004. He actually raised 2 million dollars for the public school system for taking part in the race. Oprah called him and said if he beat her marathon time she would donate a lot of money to his cause. The catch was he had to finish the entire race of 26.2 miles and beat Oprah’s time.

So what’s so crazy about Dr. P Diddy running this marathon? Well the recommended training time is 6 months. He had this crazy idea with only 8 weeks left to train before the marathon.

Nobody believed he would finish, everyone thought he was crazy but something in him just refused to listen. He made a decision and he was going to see that decision through.

On the day of the race he was feeling good, feeling like he was going to win. He pushed himself to the front of the line. In the words of Dr. P Diddy, “Nobody is going to take you to the front of the line unless you push to the front of the line.”

To the left and right of him were his Kenyan brothers and sisters. He told them with confidence, I am going to see you all at the finish line. The gun went off and he was running like he was in the 100 meter dash at the Penn Relays.

He was trying to keep up with the Kenyans however, when he hit the 1/4 mile mark, the Kenyans were way, way, way, way, way, WAY ahead. Then he hit the 10 mile mark and he learned an important lesson, why people train for 6 months in preparation for this marathon. Of course, by this time the Kenyans had already finished the race.

He had lost all the sodium in his body which by this point had started to lock up and break down. He couldn’t run or even walk and fell to his knees. He had to make a decision, he had to figiure out how to get himself out of this situation.

He had to make a decision whether to give up.

He had to make a decision whether to stay on his knees.

He had to make a decision whether to get on his feet.

He decided to get up. He decided to run.

His toenails started falling off. His sneakers were soaked with blood. He decided he was going to finish that marathon. He felt he almost died finishing the marathon and his feet have never been the same since. Dr. P Diddy actually beat Oprah’s time and yes, her check cleared.

Sometimes you don’t have time to prepare for your marathon in life. Dr. P Diddy had 8 weeks but the opportunity to raise money for the public school system was too great.

You have to make that decision to keep going even if sometimes you fail. There are only two choices you have when faced with failure.

1. Sit in the failure and give up or 2. Make a decision to step out of the darkness. Face your fears and step forward. Decide to become your own light and find your inner power. Remember the power of you.

Love Peace and Bliss


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