One Crazy Commitment

How crazy are you about keeping your commitment to your goals or bring your dreams into your reality? Commitment to taking daily action can beĀ  seen as the glue that holds everything together in your journey to success. You only can win when you finish the race and the crazy burning desire to finish the race can only come from commitment.

I understand you might have the fear of missing out on great opportunities when you commit to finishing a goal. Let me ask you this question…. How many of your goals have you stayed committed and finished?

OK then, how many goals have you successfully achieved because you changed direction mid stream because you are taking advantage of what you perceived at the time as a perfect opportunity.

I understand some amazing opportunities will come by however, the fact is there will always be amazing opportunities. The power behind bringing your dreams into your reality is when you decide and course of action and commit to finishing it. Your level of success will be determined by your ability to commit.

Love Peace and Bliss
Alecia Lawrence

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