Oh Well Maybe Next Time

Will there be a next time? Should we accept defeat? You can go after your goals with a different perspective. The name of the game is really persistence. I saw this quote the other day “I’d rather have a life of  ‘oh wells’, than a life of what ifs”.

Which would you rather have?

I am thinking your are with me on team ‘oh wells’

I hereby officially crown the master, the guru, the undisputed captain of team ‘oh well’… Are you ready? Well I am flattered you think its me, however its Thomas Edison. Than man had some major courage to keep going, he had some major persistence.

I actually have no issues with what ifs. I believe a what is is the start of an ‘oh well’. I see what ifs like pieces of a jig saw puzzle. If you ever tried putting together a jig saw puzzle. You pick up a piece and attempt to make it fit somewhere.

Like what if I put this here, would that work? Nope, ‘oh well’. Like what if I put it there, would that work? Nope, ‘oh well’. You know the puzzle piece has to go somewhere in the puzzle, you are just not sure where or even if its needed because someone mixed 2 boxes on another puzzle with yours.

We are trained in school to be perfectionists, to get everything right from the start. We get rewarded for passing grades and those who constantly try  and fall just below the grade don’t receive that approval.

How about we get rewarded for making progress instead of perfection which is unattainable. Perfection is an unrealistic ideal based on individual beliefs.

Being celebrated for progress rewards everyone wherever they are in the process. The challenge is to change your what ifs into ‘oh wells’. However there are a few things stopping us. Fear and comfort.

Lets tackle fear first… We fear what people will think, what might happen and what might not happen.

Richard Branson is another master of ”oh wells”. He approaches his business with the mentality of ‘Screw it, just do it’ He isn’t afraid of failing. You won’t know if your don’t do it. You can’t win if you don’t play.

How about leaving fear behind and getting hard concrete evidence on if your what if will work or not.

On the other hand there is comfort. You are comfortable where you are and not willing to experience any discomfort even if you know it will lead to something better.

Despite the discomfort, change can only be achieve if you want it bad enough. It can be as simple a investing some time to research and learn how to change your situation. Choosing what you think will work best in your situation and testing it out. If it doesn’t work out. ‘oh well’, you can choose something different.

Love Peace and Bliss



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