No Frills You Can Do It

There is an ongoing debate about why one person is successful while the other isn’t? This is the mission Andrew Carnegie gave to Napoleon Hill… to go out there and investigate what makes a person successful.

It took Napoleon Hill over 20 years and 500 interviews before he was able to identify specific success principles that were consistent between all persons no matter their chosen field.
What is stopping you from successfully achieving your goals? What is stopping you from going out there and making your dreams a reality? There are only two factors that influence you. These factors are either hereditary or your environment.

There’s not much that you can do about what’s hereditary, its out of your control however that doesn’t mean it should be a limitation. What you can control is your environment and how well you control your environment is what will determine your level of confidence in believing that you can do it and yes my friends you can.

It’s simply a choice to have what you desire. Choosing to take action. Choosing to persist until successful. If you believe that you can do it then you’re right and if you believe that you can’t do it you’re also right.

Believing whether or not you can or can’t do something is within itself a limitation. You my friends, are born with greatness within you. You my friend have the potential to achieve anything you want. It just requires for you to do 3 things… Decide|Plan|Persist

Love Peace and Bliss
Alecia Lawrence

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